"If I did not know your passion for the game or how you maximize each opportunity you spend with young athletes, I would have been blown away and your camp would have confirmed that I had made the right decision for my boys which I was already invested because of my past experience with your coaching.  Your Hammer Hockey skates were well organized and you certainly lived up to the motto of all out dedication for helping to foster an environment for all of the skaters to grow and improve their individual skills as well as their all important self confidence.  While the camp was intense and demanding, you balanced it with unbelievably great skill sessions with competent and as eager and passionate coaches.  The flow was tremendous as are all of your sessions and every minute on the ice was maximized.  Particularly important and something that is not that all common is the commitment to stop a drill and or stop a player and demonstrate the action that requires correction.  This is what is often missing and you are beloved by the players and you achieve the commitment from them because through your disciplined, but always fair approach you get the most from each player and what is truly amazing is that players buy in so much that they self correct on their own.  Balancing the stations and skating tactics with a game at the end or shoot out is the icing on the cake.  The kids love it and it fuels them for the next session.  My boys learned so many skills and your approach with the vast number of accessories and the repetitive nature of the stations makes each player feel better about their individual progress and motivates them to continue to raise the bar and work harder at getting better.  You do a great job of fostering that expectation of excellence.  No question the camp will benefit my boys.  The agility, endurance and strengthening will absolutely aid them when the pain and effort required to compete is raised.  My boys are already planning for July’s ice sessions.
Again, thanks for your dedication and passion for sharing your knowledge and experience and helping my boys grow."



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Follow our YouTube Channel for a further look at these, and other drills.

Female Shooting Drills

Male Shooting Drills

Providing female hockey players with the techniques and fundamentals to shoot correctly is so important to not only enhance their game but gain confidence. After several shooting drills incorporating skating, weight transfer, stick and hand placement we moved to some stationary shooting. Here we learn how to read the pick of the rebounder (goalies pads). Goal is to adjust feet and hands on their stick for a quick release.

Players continually challenged to adjust their footing, their hands, and their hips in order to record passes and execute high quality and accurate shots. Strength on stick is a key technique that must be learned for both catch and release, as well as one-timers.

Youth Shooting Drills

Follow our YouTube Channel for a further look at these, and other drills.


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