"Most coaches you meet will tell you they wanted to coach because a coach in their childhood made a impact on there life. I sincerely believe Paul Pipke will be "that coach" for many of these young players! His ability to push these players beyond there comfort zone is amazing, all the while with giant smiles on the faces! The Hammer hockey program is intense with
many complex drills, giving these players many advantages for upcoming tryouts. There is also many life lessons along the way....teamwork, dedication and importance of family.  We have only known Paul for a few
short months, but I can see my sons confidence soar! Being a part of Hammer Hockey is not just being in a camp, it's being
part of a family!"


"Hammer Hockey Camp is very impressive week.  I like to see the difficult and intricate drills and fitness. The immense work ethic and drive . The bar is set so high.   Most importantly, I love to see how hard my son works and wants to work. How proud he is of his accomplishment. How his confidence has grown since his involvement. This confidence and work ethic has crossed over to other elements of his life."


"I've seen your work Paul and you should be commended. I wish you were the “standard" across all Minor Associations. Only a handful exist"       


"Hammer Hockey is an excellent high intensity camp.  My son gets an opportunity to play with the best kids in the province.  Each session is well organized and executed.  Paul Pipke and his coaching staff get the most out of each player and treat them all like individuals.  I can’t wait for next year!"


Recognized as one of the most elite development camps in all of Western Canada. Coaches and players Endorsing Hammer Hockey include, but are not limited to Gary Valk (Veteran-Vancouver Canuck), Sean Murray (PFGS Training), Brad Reynolds (AAA Champion Winning Coach),

Brian Campbell (Two-Way Hockey Training), and

Victor Kraatz (3 Time Olympian and World Champion).

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